How Water Affect Your Hair

Spring is almost here… I don’t know about you but after keeping my hair in protective styles during winter all I want to do when it gets warmer is go into “fro mode”, big hair, no elastic bands, nowp-1459547256523.jpg nothing. Just how I like it.
However, one thing I have noticed is that my skin and hair can get extremely dry regardless of the product or techniques used. I did some research and find out that this dryness was mostly due to water. When you check your bathroom or kitchen do you see deposit around taps, shower head fixtures and tiles? That’s minerals: lime scale, chlorine… Depending on the level of minerals in the water, it will be classified as hard or soft water. Hard water is very common in the UK and contains a high level of minerals (compared to hard water) which prevents the moisture from penetrating the hair. In turn, this can lead to split ends and breakage.
However don’t let it destroy your precious curls! There are many solutions you can try to get these beautiful curls.
You can treat the problem from the source directly by using a shower filter or water softener. It can significantly reduce minerals, chlorine and other chemicals from the water. These options are quite expensive but very effective.
Apple cidar vinegar (ACV) rinse is also a great option to smooth hair and get rid of build up from your hair. This rinse will help you hair to be shinier and easier to manage. Mix 1/3 of a cup (75 ml) of apple cidar vinegar with a quart (1 liter) of water. You can leave this in a plastic bottle and use whenever you want after shampooing your hair.

Are you suffering from hard water ? We want to hear from you so share your experiences.


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