Your Hair Is What You Eat

Hi family! Hope you’re staying safe and boosting your immune system. Staying at home might be challenging or the usual for some, but let’s take the opportunity to learn something new and grow. Talking about growth, how are your hair goals going? If you’re looking to grow healthy hair, then this one is for you.

To understand hair growth, we need to understand what hair is made of and what contributes to it. There are many factors we need to consider (i.e. hormones, hair growth cycle…) but here we will focus on nutrients.

First, what is hair made of? 

Hair is made of keratin, amino acid, and melanin. Keratin forms the majority of the hair. It is a fibrous protein, composed of amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are essential to growing healthy hair. Melanin is responsible for the hair colour.

What is a nutrient and how does it affect hair growth?

A nutrient is a biochemical substance used by the body that is found in the food you consume. There are 6 types of nutrients: water, proteins, carbs, fats, minerals & vitamins. Let’s dig a bit deeper into each of them.

  • Water: this one is a no brainer. Your body and hair need water! It is the ultimate source of moisture.
  • Proteins: these help with growing strong and healthy hair. You can get these from tuna, eggs, yogurt, broccoli, … A lack of proteins can lead to thinning, split ends, …
  • Carbs: source of energy for the body, carbs are essential to avoid shedding and therefore healthy hair.
  • Fats: healthy fats are not your enemies! Remember olive oil and avocado are food that contains healthy fats and are great for your mane. These nutrients are needed for shiny and healthy hair. 
  • Minerals: iron and zinc are very important for hair growth. These help to nourish hair from within. For example, iron deficiency can develop into anemia and other effects, such as hair loss.
  • Vitamins: vitamin deficiency can cause hair loss too. Ensuring to have a diet rich in vitamins can help fight hair loss. B complex vitamins, vitamin C and D are great vitamins that you should consider in your diet.

You are what you eat so make sure you have a balanced diet.

Photo(s) Source(s): @giiuliaf


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