Transitioning To A New You

For many of us who have decided to embark on a natural hair journey, transitioning can be a way of weaning yourself off of the hair you have become accustomed to. When you have lived with chemically-treated hair for so long and the thought of sporting a level one haircut seems daunting, transitioning can be a way of maintaining your processed length whilst coming to terms with the new you.

Transitioning is always a personal experience which can have its’ ups and downs. The battle of trying to create new hairstyles that will blend both hair textures can be a chore to say the least and we all know, we want to make this process as pain-free as possible to achieve our desired goals. During transitioning, the hair is probably at its’ most fragile state and if due care isn’t taken, that Big Chop may approach faster than you anticipated due to hair breakage.


The time you transition for is totally up to you, equally as you need to feel comfortable within your own skin,NaturalPride for many their hair is a vital part of their beauty.  Beauty comes from deep inside all of us and whether we are skin-headed, TWA’d or have more hair than body, we can accommodate this with class, elegance and overall style. When was the last time you saw a bald-headed diva and had to watch her in awe as she was just exuding so much style with such little effort?! Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be reaching for the clippers anytime soon (with the big, flat dent in my head lol) BUT , I admire the confidence in those who can carry themselves in that manner.

Now 14 months into my second natural hair journey, I have experienced both transitioning and the Big Chop. When I first transitioned, I had a very negative experience due to the lack of care I had put into my hair. I no longer loved the short-term straightness that relaxers gave me and given that regrowth reappeared so quickly, it was time to call it a day. My transitioning period saw my hair breaking off quite severely and when it reached approximately two inches in length, I decided to bite the bullet for the sake of my hair. Did I feel comfortable in that moment in time? No! But it was a short-term ‘loss’ for a long-term gain.

There are many techniques that can help with your transitioning and the beauty of the Internet is, if you don’t know how to manage your hair, there are always videos readily available to teach you how. Curling your hair (no heat, just rollers or flexirods) is probably one of the easier methods to use if you have decided not to use hair extensions, as it can be done quickly and can assist with the blending process.

Remember, the less manipulation your hair has to endure, the more likely that your hair will remain in a healthy condition during the transitioning period. It might seem like your journey will take forever but, you will be amazed at how quickly time flies. You are not alone and when you’re ever thinking about going back to chemically-treated days, ask yourself the following questions: –

  • How was your hair affected by chemicals the first time around?
  • Does your hair feel healthier now you are natural?
  • And how does it feel to have hair that you can wear with such versatility?

It might sound strange to you but I guarantee there is a female out there who is trying to create the volume or curls that you have Naturally as you read this post! The fact that you have decided to transition at all is a step in the right direction and it will only get better from here on in.

Until next time Naturalistas!

By Maria Kerr

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