Tracee Ellis Ross Pursuit for Natural Hair!

One of the first times I laid my eyes upon Tracee Ellis Ross was during my teen years, when she starred as the quirky singleton Joan in the hit US show Girlfriends. In all honesty, like the hit show Sex In the City, I found myself glued to the box for the sole purpose of the costume, hair and make-up that the ladies mirrored. Because let’s face it, the story lines in shows these days only make up a small percentage of the rationale behind viewers tuning in. In the show Tracee’s hair was often the star, proving to all women with kinks that natural hair is just as versatile as chemically treated hair. Although Tracee’s journey didn’t start out that way..

Tracee Ross Hair Journey NaturalPride

Like most women Tracee went through an “awkward phase”. Feeding into the idea that chemically treated hair is of better-quality, surrendering to this concept by having a texturizer. 

“I haven’t always been natural. I had a relaxer during my teen years…well it was more of a texturizer than a relaxer.  But I started as a natural girl”.

Young Tracee Ross Hair Journey NaturalPrideThat’s a young Tracee on the left!

Young Tracee Ross Hair Journey NaturalPride

This is one of my earliest memories of Tracee, and became synonymous with her charcater Joan and general Hollywood personality.

Tracee Ross Curls NaturalPride

Tracee recalls, “for the first three seasons of Girlfriends, if I had an early call-time, I would wake up 3 hours before so my hair could dry naturally.  Three hours before!  I didn’t use any form of heat on my hair at the time… no blow dryer  no diffuser, I wouldn’t let anybody do anything to it. I had finally gotten my hair back to its virgin condition… my huge natural curls were back and I wasn’t letting any heat or chemicals near my head”!

Tracee Ellis Ross Natural Hair NaturalPride

“With me, anything that I’ve done that I’ve found to be worth it in life, has taken a little time.  It’s taken time to discover it for myself, time to actually be in a relationship with myself with the process of whatever that thing is and it’s been no different with my hair. It’s been a journey and it will be a journey for you and what works for me will not necessarily work for you, but it might just give you ideas”. 

For our diligent followers you will make the link to an article I wrote on success with your hair and how time is your hairs best friend. Repairing damaged hair, or going natural is something that will not develop or unfold overnight. The choice for going natural may be differed, however the outcome is the same. The underlining message that I would take from Tracee’s hair journey is that confidence evolves over time, and every once in a while your hair may be that catalyst 😉 Go Tracee!!

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