Snapshot: The Wavy Hair Review

Hello ladies,

How is this New Year treating you, so far? Fine, I hope 🙂 . Have you taken any new resolutions that you WILL follow, this time. Yes, you know what I’m talking about… If  yes, good! Any “hair resolutions”? Excellent! This year, it’s all about treating our beautiful hair the way it should be. What it means is that we should now understand how our hair reacts to products, styling techniques, hairstyles, in order to proudly and fiercely wear it out. The more you know about your hair, the more confident you will be with it.

This week will be dedicated to the wavy hair type. Other hair types will be discussed later on, so keep following 😉

Wavy hair also known as “type 2 hair” is characterised by an “S” shape, it is usually shiny, lacks volume and can be a bit frizzy, but then again this group demonstrates a wide variety of “waves”. Porosity is also an essential aspect to take into consideration, it is the hair’s aptitude to absorb and retain water. By understanding this concept, you can get your hair to be healthier and more manageable. How? By choosing products adapted to your hair pattern.

Wavy hair

Wavy hair tends to be porous, therefore to keep it healthy, here are few tips:

  • Reduce the heat, your mane will thank you for it. If you still want to use the heat, use a diffuser, it will also help to enhance the waves
  • Use a conditioner after shampooing your hair, with a sulfate-free shampoo to avoid drying it out
  • Use a gel without alcohol to define your waves

Here are some Vloggers with wavy hair you can look at to get some tips on maintenance, styling, and products to use:

Elleraquel Youtube Channel

Ericabelle89 Youtube Channel

SunKissAlba Youtube Channel

Now, you can incorporate all this knowledge into your regimen and embrace your natural beauty. Knowing more about your hair and feeling good about it should improve your confidence. Wavy hair can sometimes get frizzy in contact with humidity, so knowing which products works for you will help you “control” your mane. Another important aspect is not to try and create the PERFECT hairstyle. It can damage your hair due to over manipulation and product build-up. And you know what… Who cares? Just let it be, wild, messy and free.

Angele Amponsah

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