Natural Hair Myths

Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric” ― Bertrand Russell

Isn’t it crazy since how many years, black women have been told they should relax or wear extensions to be seen as beautiful? It is! Even in 2013, some judgements are still being made regarding unprocessed hair. Here is a list of some of the most common ideas & stereotypes towards kinky hair:  

Belief #1: Natural hair is not beautiful

Belief #2: You can’t comb natural hair; it’s too coarse and dry

Belief #3: Kinky hair doesn’t grow (Lies!!!)



Belief #101: You will never get a good job if you wear your hair natural. (Says who? I would like to meet the person who said that and hear his or her explanation).…

… Belief #999: No man will be attracted to you if you have kinky hair…. (No comment.) And the list goes on.

Just adorable
Just adorable…

Sadly, those judgements have been transmitted from generation to generation, which led black women to adopt a lack of confidence, when it comes to our own hair. It is particularly true with type 4 hair which some people only see as unmanageable, dry, coarse and ugly. Yet, it is so versatile, so unique, so beautiful, and a lot of people just do not understand its characteristics. How many times have I heard “I wish I could go natural but my hair is so stubborn?”  For some women, it’s still hard to picture themselves with their natural hair.


But hey, more and more black women have decided to represent natural beauty, by letting their hair be, and we love it! Some choose to transition, some don’t and prefer the radical approach, i.e. the big chop. It’s all about how confident you feel about having short hair. I find them really brave; it’s a big decision to cut it all off. I wasn’t able to do it; I would have cried my eyes out and locked myself in my room for days lol.


Kinky hair is considered the most difficult hair type to have, that’s why building confidence is essential. If you need help to empower or want to boost yourself, check out these Vloggers and listen to what they have to say:



A lot of valid points… So ladies, keep in mind: Learn to love your kinks, care for it, and embrace it. Do not forget, confidence can get you far ;).

Angele Amponsah



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  2. Great post and great inspiration for the ladies who are considering the natural hair journey. Btw, thank you for visiting and like my post, Slept in Later, on my blog. I appreciate the love! Keep the inspiration coming! 😉

    1. Thanks a lot Lexa! Glad you like it. Just visited your blog, I couldn’t help but stare at your food photos. It looked really yummy lol.

      Keep following us 🙂

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