Bad Hair?

Nothing annoys me more than when people refer to themselves or another as having ‘bad hair’. What does that even mean?  I have always taken the stance that everyone has ‘good hair’ but, there are many who have poor maintenance. This could be due to lack of knowledge of nurturing their hair or because their hair is over-processed by heat, products, chemicals etc.
Is it society that has placed ideologies of what hair perfection should look like in our minds? Or is it narrow-minded people who cannot see what beauty is beheld within the uniqueness of individuals?
How many times have you heard a phrase like, ‘I hope my baby gets coolie (Indian) hair’? Or, ‘Your hair is so nice, what are you mixed with?’ It is very disappointing that there are times when our hair cannot be embraced for what it is and its’ versatility celebrated, as opposed to it being a negative talking point – ‘Your hair is so  nappy, why don’t you just get a weave or a relaxer?’
We were all created differently and there are always methods you can use to make your natural hair easier to manage, without having to resort to following the so called ‘European’ standard. You should not have to change or manipulate your hair for it to be deemed as more acceptable, whether it be within a corporate environment or any other setting.
Ladies, let’s change this mindset of grading hair and just show encouragement for all. Remember, there is no guarantee for those luscious locks once we are old, so cherish what you have and just do you! Don’t worry about other people’s opinions, as we have but one life to live and it should be blessed with positivity, not worries about superficial things.


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  1. when people say someone has nice hair. OR refer o their hair is nice hair… I always press them to get to the root of what they really mean! Its an exercise I do to help them illuminate that thier ideas of what is “good” are incorrect. Usually halfway through me pressing they backtrack and say.. “well not gooood hair, but you know what I mean” LOL Its a shame that black people are still feeling the effects of what was done to us many years ago

  2. I 100% agree with you on this. I had a family member tell me that my hair would look so much better and longer if I’d just relax it. I was just like, pause, been there done that, please mind your own business -_-

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